Tyler, Texas police are currently investigating a grim discovery made late Wednesday night when officers found a man dead in a roadway, the victim of an apparent gunshot wound.


The incident occurred in the vicinity of State Highway 69 North and County Road 489, with the Tyler Police Department receiving the call around 11:40 p.m. Public Information Officer Andy Erbaugh has confirmed the ongoing investigation and is urging anyone with information related to this tragic event to come forward.

The Tyler Police Department is actively seeking leads and asks members of the community to contact them at 903-531-1000. Alternatively, individuals wishing to remain anonymous can reach out to Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903-597-2833.

7 Cold-Blooded Murderers Who Killed in the Name of Love

There are twisted killers whose rage gets the best of them. From cheating husbands getting caught to women murdering their boyfriends with children just feet away, there are sick evil people, even in Texas.

Deadly Strip Club Encounter

Bonnie Contreras, the mistress of Bill Hall Jr., had met Bill at a strip club and the two became inseparable. She lived a lavish life thanks to Bill.

Frances, the wife of the multi-billionaire, Bill, had received a phone call from the mistress. She revealed everything, videos, photos, everything very graphic, taunting her with the footage.

Soon after Frances hit the road and found the two on the highway. Frances hit Bill while he was riding his motorcycle, ultimately killing him. She pleads her innocence to the day.

7 Cold Blooded Murderers Who Killed in the Name of Love

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