The new year shining in some light from the end of the tunnel. The pandemic has scrambled everyday life and as we continue to move forward adjusting to the new normal is getting easier.

2022 Is Bringin Back Some Much Needed Fun

Live music has been hit hard in the past year and a half. Festivals have been getting canceled and the beat of a real drum is almost a pastime. However, the new year has great things planned.

Music festivals are back baby! Texas cities across the state are announcing their festivals are a-go this year. While you should still use caution and stay as safe as you can, the show will go on.

Texas Music Festivals in 2022

We have the scoop on some of the latest and greatest music festivals that will be getting Texans back into the real live music scene, and we couldn't be more excited.

From the infamous Texas Rodeo to festivals like So What Texas Music Festival where genres from rock to rap are covered. Let's check out some of the biggest and baddest festivals that are hitting Texas this year.

8 Impressive Texas Music Festivals to Enjoy in 2022

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