Not what I want to see right now.

This is another one of those instances where I am going to tell you not to shoot the messenger. I did not make this survey, I just saw it and thought it was interesting. It talks about what is all on our minds right now, the coronavirus. This specific survey from Wallet Hub is talking about what every state is during this crazy time.

Source: WalletHub

So of course I click on it and get to scrolling and scrolling. I finally found Texas all the way at the bottom. Freaking great! They rank 49th in the country. Only losing to Wyoming and Mississippi. A big factor for Texas is the Prevention and Containment ranking, dead last in the country. Another low rank was the low funding for Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), 48th in the country.

Texas also has the highest share of people without health insurance in the country. That one isn't surprising to me since we have one of the highest populations in the country. You can see the full survey for yourself here. Also, if you're reading this Oklahoma, you only rank two spots better than Texas so don't brag too much.

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