We love to see Texas as number one in other surveys, but not this one.

The latest information from Johns Hopkins University has Texas passing California for most positive Coronavirus cases. Texas now has around 400 more cases than California. As of Sunday there have been 938,503 COVID-19 cases reported in Texas, California has had 938,119 cases, followed by Florida with 812,063.

The Johns Hopkins data shows that Texas' seven-day rolling average of the positivity rate has risen over the last two weeks from 7.12% to 10.72%. They also say the true number of infections is probably much higher since some people are probably asymptomatic. Where they maybe sick without even realizing it.

We announced earlier today that Wichita Falls has a free Covid-19 testing site in the parking lot in the MPEC. Social distance when you can, wear a mask, and wash those hands to do your part. Here in Wichita Falls, the Health District says that our area has contributed 4,189 to that 938,503 number for Texas.

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