"Don't judge people just because they want to have sex with a 5-year-old." These are the words that ended an 18-second clip recorded in an El Paso classroom.


The classroom conversation was recorded and posted to social media. Parents became concerned about the controversial subject. The recording is a conversation between an English teacher and a student.


In the video, the teacher says, "Stop calling them that. You're not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We are not going to call them that. We're going to call them, MAPs. Minor Attracted Persons. So don't judge people just because they want to have sex with a 5-year-old."


After watching the video one parent, Laurie Edwards said, "It's not a good 18 seconds but I think that I need context and to know what the whole conversation was before I'd be able to weigh in on to see what's going on but I do see a lot of students have come to her defense."

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That's exactly what students did. According to Ryann Ruvalcaba, a junior who was inside the classroom at the time of the conversation said, "She was expressing how it was ridiculous how we might not be able to call people pedophiles. That we will probably have to start calling them MAPs because it can be offensive to them [pedophiles]," adding how good of a teacher she is.

Ruvalcaba said other students are backing the teacher and hoping no action is taken against the teacher because "it would be a loss to students."


The conversation has gotten mixed reactions. Some people online agree the teacher's comment could have been taken out of context since it's only an 18-second snippet from a 90-minute class. however, others say the entire subject should have never come up.

Hellen Maese commented, "Normalizing pedophilia under the guise of compassion. What a sick world." Thomas Deason, a parent from the El Paso high school. "You wanna see the full video and get context and everything but... that statement in itself is very concerning."

The El Paso Independent School District is aware of the classroom situation and there is an ongoing investigation.

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