The Texas Rangers had business with a Victoria Police Department employee on Friday (June 11) that ended with an arrest. Information is limited beyond the arrest itself but I expect details behind what happened to be revealed in the week ahead. So far, here is what we know.

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Rangers Arrest Victoria PD Employee

A 15-year-employee with the Victoria Police Department was arrested by the Texas Rangers on Friday on a warrant for a third-degree felony. That employee is reported by Jennifer Flores with as Telecommunications Officer Katie Moore.

Moore won the 2009 EMS Telecommunicator of the Year award for her efforts to save a heart attack victim by walking a caller through the steps of CPR until help could arrive. She was also recognized earlier this year by Victoria PD for her 15 years with the department.

Theft of Property

Geoff Sloan with Victoria Advocate reports the charge is for theft of property amounting to more than $30K but less than $150K. Reports say the crime was not committed "at time of her duties" and that the crime did not happen "in the city of Victoria".

Details indicate that Moore was arrested by the Rangers without assistance or involvement from the Victoria Police. Moore is now placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Remember all are innocent until proven guilty and we hope that the right outcome takes place for all involved.

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