I've heard of people going to extremes to hide dope from police but, this is ridiculous.

A woman in Corsicana, Texas, a town south of Dallas actually pooped in her pants in an attempt to hide crack cocaine, a crack pipe, and an allegedly stolen Valentine's card .

Officers were investigating a grocery store theft last week, and they took a woman named Shannen Martin into custody. After they put her in the back of a patrol car, police say she then pooped in her pants on purpose, and (avert your eyes here) used the poop to try to hide over 2 grams of crack, a crack pipe, and get this, a Valentine's card. Yuck!

Now, just imagine being the arresting officers who had to go through the poop to get the evidence.

Martin was charged with possession and tampering with evidence.

Now, imagine if her strategy to not get busted had worked, and you were the lucky recipient of the sh*tty Valentine's Day card. I'd say that's grounds for a breakup.

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