The Darkness have unleashed a music video for their tune ‘With a Woman,' which marks the fourth single from the band’s 2012 disc ‘Hot Cakes.’ The clip delivers ‘Episode 1’ of what will likely take music fans on a trip down memory lane to a time when the hair was big and the videos were larger than life.

As noted by Stereogum when the site premiered the video recently, the start of the retro clip is very reminiscent of an old Van Halen video, giving a nod to the classic ‘Hot for Teacher’ scene. That is of course until a bear crashes the set, hopping onto the smoke filled stage with the Darkness and interrupting a bevy of gratuitous guitar solos and mid-air splits.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the bikini clad bear in a Darkness video though. She’s first introduced in their video for ‘Everybody Have a Good Time’ where she crashes a business meeting and does a strip tease in the middle of a conference room. Coincidentally, that video is dubbed 'Episode 2' for those keeping track, so the Darkness are taking us through the storyline backwards - how apropos!

The Darkness continue to prove time and time again to expect nothing but the unexpected from them. It’s clear that these guys are enjoying themselves through both their music and their videos so it's hard not to feel the same way when watching. Check out their latest offering below.


Watch the Video for 'With a Woman' From the Darkness

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