Monday evening I got to experience my dear friend Heidi go into action.  There was a dog wandering around our radio station.  My coworker Linda called me and said there is an injured dog here at the station and it looks like it hasn't eaten in days.  Linda figured I would know someone who could help.  Heidi Sanchez would be the perfect person to contact.  I went back to the station, took photos, and sent them to Heidi.  My other co-worker Stacey and I fed the dog and kept it company until Heidi arrived.  Heidi and her friend who helps rescue dogs, Leslie Mansilla went into action.  These two ladies are angels.  They were able to contact Toya Stone with Wags, Hope and Healing out of Bastrop.  Soon the dog will be placed  to start his new journey.  I am happy to announce Wags named this very special boy Kixs, after our country station KIXS 108.  They wrote on their facebook page: He is named after the radio station where he took refuge and asked for help.  Kixs has a nasty head wound. He is emaciated, dehydrated and his teeth are ground down from what we think may be from chewing a chain. Kixs is one of those dogs that makes me wish dogs could talk. I really want to know what happened to him. Aside from the head injury, he has no other wounds.  His wound is not consistent with a traffic accident or an attack by other animals. We may never know where he came from, but I'll tell you what I DO know?  Kixs is safe. Kixs is loved, and we are going to give Kixs an amazing life from here on out. If you can't tell from the pictures he's a total love bug. He likes to be held, insists on kisses and has been super friendly to the other animals at Wags.  When we are treating his wound, he looks up at us with love and wags his tail. We are spending the next few days stabilizing his dehydration and getting some weight on him. On Tuesday Kixs is going to visit the amazing crew at Veterinary Surgical Solutions where he will have surgery and be prepped for the journey to adoption.

I am so happy we have people in our community here in Victoria who have a huge passion to rescue animals.  We are thankful to have an opportunity to get them placed in the right places where they can receive the love and care they need.

A big thank you to Heidi Sanchez, Kim Meyers with Shelter Pets, Inc., Leslie and Brenda with a new rescue called Pitty Paws, and Toya Stone who is with Wags, Hope and Healing.

Wags  will continue to post updates as Kixs recovers. To help Kixs and dogs like him find their own path to recovery and happiness, please consider donating to Wags at Thank you to everyone who stops to help dogs like Kixs and supports this important work.

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