Things are really starting to heat up in the Tejano music scene. The Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair is coming up in Downtown San Antonio and the entire lineup has finally been released. This year's fan Fair will feature four stages: San Saba North and South, Hidalgo, and Concho stages.


Some of the heavy hitters for the Fan Fair are Shelly Lares, Stefani Montiel, Los Chamacos, Albert Zamora, La Diferenzia, Fama, and Sunny Sauceda.  Our local boys, Los Amigos ASG will also be performing as well!  For the entire lineup and latest and up-to-date information about the Tejano Music Awards Fan Faire and stage locations, just click here.


Also starting next month in San Antonio is the Tejano Explosion!  Unlike the Fan Fair, there is admission required for this event! However, the Headliners are worth the price of admission. This is another EPIC Tejano event with humble beginnings. The event is recognized locally and nationally as having the best line-up of Tejano Artists in the Tejano Music Industry. The fans come to enjoy the best Tejano entertainers over a ten-day period, at the Biggest Tejano Party during Fiesta week. Tejano Explosion 2022 offers a living experience of our culture, as it relates to Tejano music, traditional foods, crafts!

To purchase tickets and up-to-minute lineup information about Tejano Explosion 2022, please visit


THURSDAY MARCH 31ST: David Marez, Joe Posada, and Gary Hobbs

FRIDAY, APRIL 1ST: Stevie D, Ram Herrera, Jay Perez

SATURDAY, APRIL 2ND: Jaime DeAnda, Micahel Jackson, and Kumbia Kings

SUNDAY, APRIL 3RD: La Calma, David Farias, and Ricky Naranjo

THURSDAY, APRIL 7TH: Sunny Sauceda, Los Desperadoz, and Los Palominos

FRIDAY, APRIL 8TH: El Dorado, Marcos Orosco, and Michael Salgado


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