Smartphones can be many things, but not many things can be an smartphones.

This man created a smart mirror in his living room that he modeled after iOS 10. Yeah, it's a full-length mirror that looks like an iPhone and does all the things you've come to expect from the iPhone that you keep tucked in your pocket, except this looks like it ate its Wheaties and spinach because it grew to be really big.

It's pretty neat and looks the vision of the future people back in the olden days probably thought had, along with flying cars and teleporting to work. And while it's pretty cool, we wonder about the practical application. If you already have a smartphone, do you really need one that's the size of a human being on your wall. It's like having a cell phone and a landline. Sure, you can do it, but do you need to?

Of course, this fella is not the first to try and turn his mirror into a smartphone. He definitely has some company, so maybe there is a call for it, after all.

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