We know those golden arches are a memorable staple from our childhood, whether we were picked up early from school and got to bring back a happy meal after a dentist appointment or our parents pulled over before a long early morning drive for a hash brown, we would never say no to McDonald’s. As we’ve grown, it seems McDonald’s has been forgotten and is no longer a dining experience we yearn for.

There’s a McDonald’s off of the South R.L. Thornton Freeway in Dallas, near the Dallas Zoo still holding onto the magic from our childhoods, and it may be the most unique McDonald’s in Texas. Because the location is so close to the Dallas Zoo, the McDonald’s here decided to carry out the fun from a trip at the zoo all the way back to their restaurant. Talk about having a meal in a wild place! This McDonald’s is animal-themed, with statues of a gorilla holding a Texas-sized order of french fries, a giraffe munching on leaves coming off the top of the building, next to a monkey and elephant. Indoors, there’s another elephant waiting to greet its’ visitors, a leopard in the middle of the dining room, and yet another giraffe eating leaves off a tree which guests can sit under. Can you spot the other critters lounging within the building?

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