Lessons Were Learned

Sometimes if you don't like a woman's cooking, it's better to just stay quiet, and maybe grab a snack later when no one watching. 911 in Denton, Texas received a call Monday evening from a man who may have just learned his lesson.

Denton Police were dispatched to a home where a man had called in about an assault. When police arrived they questioned the man, who lived at the residence with his wife.

Police Arrived To Get Answers


Apparently, the wife had made dinner and was ready to gather as a family to eat a home-cooked meal. Things began to get shaky when the husband decided he would rather have something else, I get it, sometimes Whataburger just hits better.

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Home-Cooked Meal VS Fast Food

Tensions rose, and the couple began to argue over the meal plans. Arguing soon turned into something more physical as the woman began to get angry and, more than likely, resentful.


Things Really Escalated

The fight escalated into an assault when the woman took a cigarette lighter and lit the man's hair on fire. According to Denton Record-Chronicle, police reports say, "Police saw he had a patch of burnt and frayed hair on the side of his head, but he said he didn’t feel pain."


I suppose the saving grace is, the burn caused no discomfort. However, now he has to grow back that patch of hair that is gone.

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