Halloween is almost here. For some, that means a future mountain of candy; for others, that means there's a limited amount of day left to get spooked. Luckily for us in Texas, we have a pretty impressive batch of spooky attractions to visit to get our dose of scares.

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There are three in particular that are relatively close to the crossroads that could produce quite a few screams, and possibly more in some cases. So, if you have no gotten enough spooks in, grab your mask, GPS, (potentially a change of clothes) and head on out to these three places nearby.

Phobia in Houston, Texas, is always a hit. There are multiple attractions to choose from, or you could go all out and select them all! Each attraction takes about 15 minutes and is packed full of creepy and suspenseful surprises. This year there are 8 different haunted attractions with themes ranging from mental hospitals to machine takeovers and, of course, clown phobia! Visits to Phobia never disappoint, and one of the suspenseful things I love is people are out to scare you as soon as you step on the premises, so don't think the scares start inside the actual haunted houses. November Friday the 13th will be the finale for Phobia this year, how appropriate. You still have time to hit this one up for some screams.

Terror Dome is another spooky gem in Houston. Get ready to wait in a bit of a line, or skip ahead with VIP tickets. If you plan to wait in the long line, no worries, there is a live DJ and go-go dances. So, either way, you go, the wait is worth it. While the attraction itself is slightly shorter than some others, so much effort, and detail were put into it. My favorite part is the chainsaw room; nothing scares me more than thinking I’m about to get chopped in half. Terror Dome tickets can only be bought online and the attraction will run until November 1st, so plan for the weekend!

I have decided to save, in my humble opinion, the best for last. While I have not made it to this exact attraction myself, I have only gotten the best reviews from some tough people. Rocky Creek Maze is one of the scariest corn mazes you will have the unfortunate chance to roam through. Aside from some raving reviews online, I have a close friend who went this year and, unfortunately for her, did not bring a change of clothes... This place is an absolute must-visit place if you are trying to get to socks scared off your feet.

Thanks to our intern Alex Salinas for tracking down the Halloween fun!


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