Birds in Texas do not give a f***! My wife and I head to Austin/Round Rock every couple of months, and most of the time we drive. Something we noticed while making the drive was that the birds 29 and 377 in Texas do not care who you are or how big your car is. They're willing to make your ass go around, or even just swoop straight down at your car.

Last year we were heading back from Round Rock and my wife was driving. We were on Highway 29 and it felt like every 5 to 10 minutes there was an incident with a bird. All different shapes and sizes too. They were either swooping down near the car or standing in the middle of the road, refusing to get the Hell out of the way.

This most recent trip, there was an incident on the way to Round Rock. I was on Highway 29 when a gigantic bird just starts strolling into the road. It came from the right side of the road and just starts walking across the highway. I'm not sure if it was a turkey, a vulture, maybe a turkey vulture, but it was f***ing huge. And it's taking its sweet ass time strutting across the road. As I'm slowing down I start to swerve to the left to go around the bird. So what does the bird do? This sumbitch keeps moving across the road, it gradually turns its back to me and then glances over its shoulder as if to say "I own this road, you go around me."

Is this a normal thing for people driving through Texas or is this one of those things that seems to be reserved for my wife and myself?

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