Women have daydreamed of this man, thrown money, and been hypnotized by his southern charm. Randy Ricks is a San Antonio native who entered the world of entertainment in 1995 when he was just 20 years old according to the Dallas Observer.

Randy Ricks did not intend to grace ladies with his bare presence but things just worked out that way. When Randy and his pal went to apply at the first male strip club LaBare. He first went to apply at the club to be a bodyguard, however, the owner saw his true potential and told him to come back for an audition to dance.

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That is when the magic began. Hicks took off running and never stopped. 43 years later the 'Master Blaster' is slowing down and he has decided to hang up that Texas pattern g-string.


In his long run, he was highly recognized and drew in a large crowd. During the filming of Magic Mike, actors Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello even dropped by LaBare for real-life tips to help the authenticity of the film.

The 'Master Blaster' took his talents and launched the first male strip-o-gram. He had the help of a very loyal manager, or thanks to the Kardashians coined-term, his MOMager.



His mother has been his #1 fan since day one. She was always accepting of his choices and stood by his side till the very end. However, when Rick first came home with hundreds of loose bills his mother sobbed and prayed for her son, thinking he had just robbed a bank.

Rick has gone through many trying phases in his life. From prostate cancer to the death of his mother and business partner, his 43-year run has finally come to a stop. He will now live out his days with his wife who he met on stage.

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