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Sure, on paper it looks like the reason Californians are moving to Texas is due to extremely high housing and rental prices in California, but we know the truth.

Here are the REAL Top Three Reasons Californians are Moving to Texas.

Texans are known throughout the world for their grit and intolerance to bull. They don't tolerate whining very well but wine, W.I.N.E. that's another thing altogether.

Number THREE: Texas Wine...it's trending big time!

According to Texaswinelover.com ( we see no bias here whatsoever) "Our short and extremely warm growing season constitutes an earlier harvest traditionally vs. regions like Napa. We get there faster! 

As a bonus, Texans love to support Texans, so we like to shop locally whenever we can, that includes the wine aisle. We see more new Texas made wines made from local grapes every day. California sees it too.

Move over California, there is a new wine in town.


Number Two- When you need to go number two; Buc-ee's

They say everything in Texas is bigger. Welcome to Buc-ee's Californians. It just doesn't get any bigger than this.

Sure California has rolling hills, but Texas has a lot of highways and there is no road trip in Texas without a pit stop at Buc-ee's. Their stations are HUGE, their restrooms are clean and their beef jerky is INSANE. Turns out, Californians love beaver nuggets about as much as Texans do.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Number One- No matter where you are from, you ain't eaten anything as good as a Whataburger.

Unless of course, you are in Texas.

There is no burger like a Whataburger. Period. End of story. No literally, this is the end of the story. Texans get married at Whataburger, we throw birthday parties at Whataburger, we love Whataburger. Hell, we even ride our horses TO WHATABURGER.

At number one, Whataburger rules. I mean, look at this sad "Best Burgers In California" list from Trip Advisor here. It makes me feel a little sorry for California.

No wonder they are flocking to Texas!


Welcome to Texas y'all!

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