If you are on social media you can see that there is a lot of coverage on the new COVID omicron variant.  With the current vaccine restrictions in California, the NFL is looking to possibly looking move the Super Bowl. What is one of the cities that the NFL reached out to? Arlington, Texas!  The NFL is in search of backup places to hold the Super Bowl should it need to be changed from SoFi Stadium in California and Jerry World is a definite possibility.


As reported by NBC-DFW, an NFL source confirmed to NBC 5 that the Dallas Cowboys were contacted about possibly hosting the game should SoFi Stadium suddenly become unavailable. Arlington Mayor Jim Ross told NBC 5 the city has not been contacted by the Cowboys or NFL about contingency plans for this year, but that they are ready to support the NFL's continuity of operations if needed. Just imagine if the Dallas Cowboys can fix their offensive problems before the playoffs.  How awesome would it be to play the Super Bowl on your own turf? As of now, there is a small chance, but this is a possibility.

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At this point, most people will say the Dallas Cowboys have a top-notch defense. What has everybody scratching their heads, is the recent offensive struggles, considering how the Cowboy's offense started out this year. If both the offense and defense are playing at a high level. They are definitely scary and a Super Bowl favorite. The problem is, the NFL is not scared of the Cowboys, considering how inconsistent they have been.  I have always been a fan that is in touch with reality.  I will show no excitement until they win a playoff game and even then I will be cautious LOL. Their last game of the regular season against the Eagles has been flexed by the NFL and is now on primetime Saturday night.


Because the Cowboys are NFC East champions and can’t get the No. 1 seed, Dallas is guaranteed to host a game on Wild-Card Weekend. Scenarios exist for the Cowboys to be seeded No. 2, No. 3, or No. 4, though it’s more than likely that the team’s spot in the playoff picture will remain unchanged.

The Cowboys must beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night to move up in the standings. A loss would lock Dallas into the No. 4 seed before Sunday’s schedule even starts. It is going to be a crazy and wild final week of the NFL regular season. I can't wait to see how it all plays out and GO, COWBOYS!

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