Here we go again, another website has done a little research comparing certain factors to determine what the most boring states in the nation are. I have some good news-Texas is not on the list. The Lone Star State is also not on the list of the most exciting states, either.

AreaVibes compares statistics including the percentage of people over 65, percentage of households with children, married households, and population density. What they came up with was the following 10 Most Boring States in America.

1. Idaho

2. Utah

3. Kansas

4. Iowa

5. Arkansas

6. Montana

7. Nebraska

8. South Dakota

9. Oklahoma

10. Maine

Okay, here's my problem with the list. Half of the states listed have unbelievable natural beauty with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, national parks, etc. That my friends, is not boring. The list should probably be renamed "The Top 10 Most Boring Populations in America."

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