Not only is our intern Alex an amazing cook, the girl knows a ton about imports and the need for speed! She stopped by with this list of horsepower for anyone looking to speed up in 2021 without breaking the bank! Listeners, start your engines!

2020 may have thrown the world a curveball, but there is one thing that has some car enthusiasts feeling good. Technological advances and the good ol' competitive economy has consumers winning. No longer is it just a daydream to have a fun and relatively fast car. There are quite a few vehicles out on the market right now that can quench your need for speed and not break the bank.

Here are the top 10 fastest cars you can get right now, under 40k.


HP: 305

Starting the list is the Dodge Challenger. Now, there are a few sub-models to choose from, but if you don't want to break the bank, the SXT gets you right over 300 horsepower and you get to keep a little pocket change for later--did someone say car parts?



This Honda Civic is just like any other Honda--except on steroids. The Type R is turbocharged and makes over 300 horsepower; that's pretty impressive, especially for a Honda.


HP: 310

A turbo-charged Mustang? Yes, please! This Mustang is a 4-banger but has a turbocharger to bring it back up. It cranks out a respectable 310 horsepower that makes it an excellent match for the next car on the list.


HP: 310

Okay, full disclosure, this statement is entirely biased. I am a Subaru fan through and through; I love mine, I love yours, I love all of them, fight me. These cars come packing over 300 horsepower, but aside from that, they are all-wheel drive, making those dirt roads one fun run. Whether you opt for the WRX or the STI,you can rally in the day, run it in the night.

Price: 30,985 

HP: 332 

Don't sleep on this little import. It's tiny but can still keep up with a lot of the cars on this list. For just about 30k and 330 horsepower, that's a pretty sweet deal.

Price: 27,990  

HP: 335

Sometimes you don't need the V8 to pack a punch still. The 2019 Camero is pushing about 335 horsepower stock. This 6-cylinder model proves it can keep up with some of the fast cars on the road right now.

Price: 36,495

HP: 370

Aside from the aesthetics of this car, the Charger is such a classic. The R/T has a

Price: 34,995

HP: 455

Price: 35,880 

HP: 460  

This Mustang may not have a turbo like the Ecoboost, but it does have four more cylinders and much more power. The price tag is a bit more, but you definitely get more power for your buck on this one.

Price: 38,995

HP: 485  

All I can say is, WHAT A BARGAIN! 485 horsepower for under 40k? Take my money! The scat pack comes with a 6.4-liter engine and boasts a whopping 485 horsepower. All I can think is, can you imagine what level this car would be on with a few mods? Big OOF!

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