Texas is full of wealth but not every town will break the bank to live in. 

Prices everywhere are rising, especially in housing. Whether you have a mortgage or pay rent, the cost of living is through the roof. Pinching pennies is the new normal when you have to analyze every purchase you make.

However, where you live plays a huge role in your budget. There are plenty of Texas towns that are much more affordable to live in.


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Homesnacks explains, "The two most important things to think about when it comes to being able to afford if you can live comes down to:

  1. "How much money do I make?"
  2. "How much do I have to spend to live there?"

With that in mind, how comfortable do you feel where you're living? If paying rent is breaking the bank check out these 10 towns that are the most affordable spots to live in Texas. 

  1. Muleshoe
  2. Elsa
  3. Kermit
  4. Pampa
  5. Crystal City
  6. Vidor
  7. Diboll
  8. Sinton
  9. Monahans
  10. Mercedes

If your on the opposite end of the spectrum, then you might be interested in some of the most expensive and luxurious places to live in Texas. Be warned, deep pockets are mandatory in order to live among the most famous celebrities, athletes, and CEO's.


Check out 10 of the most filthy rich places to live in Texas. If you're a big city person, there are plenty of trendy spots to call home. However, if you enjoy seclusion and privacy, many of the heavily secured and gated neighborhoods on this list will give you comfort.

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