Battleship Texas is Opening Its Deck

Need plans for this weekend? How about celebrating Independence Day in a highly historical way. The U.S.S. Texas is opening its doors(or deck?) to the public this weekend for the Fourth of July.

The Ship Has Been Temporarily Closed

The Battleship has been temporarily closed since 2019 as it undergoes some renovation and gets ready for an entire relocation. It currently sits in the San Jacinto Battlefield Site, where it has been for over 70 years. The Battleship has many volunteers that are helping keep the ship alive even while it is closed, and they keep the public informed on updated through their site. Many are excited to hear about the decision to reopen, just for a moment, as it came just in time for Independence Day!

Through Thick and Thin

A visit to this ship is the epitome of honoring what the holiday stands for. This ship has been through it! It has stood up for our country through thick and thin. It lives up to the categorization of a battleship.

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There is so much history underneath the deck of this ship. The wars it's served and the crew it has housed and protected it has come a long way and certainly served its time proudly.


Battleship Texas announced tours would be given July 3 and 4th from 8 am till 5:30 pm. There will even be live music at this flash reopening. You can celebrate the red, white, and blue with some tunes while your down there. If you are interested, feel free to head over to the Battleship Texas website or click HERE for tickets.


Here is a little preview of what you will be viewing on the historical battleship. There is tons of historical things to see, from the artillery on board to where the crew slept and what they ate.

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