Donald Trump invited Clemson football players to the White House for dinner in the State Dining Room, but the meal was anything but opulent.

The President served the young athletes a fast food buffet that included McDonald's, Wendys and Dominos. The hamburgers, chicken nuggets and pizza were laid out on table cloth covered tables, surrounded by candelabras and silver serving platters. Asked about the spread, Trump said it was "great American food," but Twitter users -- and a few of the guests -- thought otherwise.

"I thought it was a joke," one Clemson footballer was heard saying in a video shared on Twitter.

Another player was reportedly heard by a reporter saying, "Our nutritionist must be having a fit."

One Twitter user joked, "Catering a White House event with 300 fast food burgers would be a setpiece in a movie where a kid becomes president."

"Clemson boys beat the greatest college coach ever in the natty for the 2nd time in 4 years and yalls president got em eating filet'o fish by candlelight," another wrote.

A third wrote, "Think about how long ago that fast food had to be prepared in order to get it into the White House by now and how cold it is."

"do you know how racist you gotta be to order $300 worth of fast food and not get a single spicy chicken," another said.

Twitter users weren't the only ones laughing at Trump's fast food buffet. Critical late night hosts had a field day laying into the commander-in-chief about the spread.

"Of all the crazy things Trump said and did over the weekend, this might be the craziest," Jimmy Kimmel said Monday night, before playing a clip of Trump boasting about the evening's spread.

In the video snippet, the reality star turned president said, "I think we are going to serve McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King's with some pizza. I really mean it. It will be interesting. I would think that's their favorite food."

"What would possibly make you think that?," Kimmel asked through laughter. "I'll tell you what made him think that. He's paying the check, so he had to get the cheapest food they could find. And you know he's taking whatever they don't eat back to his bedroom. He'll be like the rat in Charlotte's Web tonight rolling around in Quarter Pounders with cheese."

Stephen Colbert also had a laugh at Trump's expense. The late night TV host suggested Trump actually wanted fast food, which has been said to be a favorite of his, so that's what he served.

"Mr. President," he said during the show. "Is it possible you're just projecting your favorite foods onto them?"

Speaking in a voice similar to Trump's, Colbert said, "We're going to eat all their favorite foods -- burgers, KFC, taco bowls, two scoops of ice cream. We're going to watch their favorite movie, the 2016 election results. Then, I will spank them all with a rolled-up Forbes. I hear they're really into that."

One Clemson player, who wound up a meme after he was caught on camera smiling at a his plate of Big Macs. Lineman Matt Bockhorst joked that no one would pass up a pile of McDonald's burgers.

"I mean you're not just gonna NOT eat the Big Macs stacked in a pile right?" He said, adding in another tweet, "Pocketed two chicken wraps and a quarter pounder."

Despite the backlash, Trump, 72, appeared proud of the meal he served up. He dug his hole even deeper, though, when he misspelled hamburgers.

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