The Crossroads has a pretty thriving car community. While many people stay in these days, certain events just call for a quick drop-in. So don't let those cars just sit in the garage; it's time to take them out for a ride.

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August 7th, there will be a Cars and Coffee in downtown Victoria at Vela Farms. The car meet will be hosted by Crossroads Crusiers, a local car club that has done so many good things in our community. 

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Cars and Coffee will be on a Saturday morning. So grab your cup of Coffee and cruise over to Vela Farms to mingle with other car enthusiasts. Come hungry because Vela Farms will be ready to serve the crowd with a hot, fresh, and delicious breakfast buffet. 

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If you have never been to Cars and Coffee, you're missing out. There will be a variety of cars from classic to muscle to imports, a good selection for any type of car lover. The vibe is so welcoming as people gather who all share the same passion. Whether you bring your ride to show out or take a Lyft just to check out all the rides, it is just a fun and good time for everyone.

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If you are bringing your own ride, start the morning off rolling in style. You can join the cruise to Cars and Coffee. Join Crossroads Cruisers right before the event in the Sears Parking lot at 8 am. Everyone will gather together and head to Cars and Coffee as a group at 8:30 am.

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If the cool rides and good people haven't interested you quite yet, Crossroads Cruisers will have goodies to give away at the event, like this super sick tumbler. So get those cars waxed, vacuumed, or take it to the detailer to get ready for this awesome event.

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