Brownsville ISD and law enforcement gathered this morning to issue a quick press release. School superintendent Rene Gutierrez, started by addressing a serious incident that occurred in the parking lot of Porter Early College High School in Brownsville, Texas.


It began the previous night when a vehicle from the area was stolen. This morning, three suspects were spotted driving the stolen car recklessly within the parking lot. Officers determined the suspects were 'endangering the lives of our students and staff.' Officers took swift action as the admin and staff put the school into lockdown. "We took care of our students and staff inside the building," Superindent Guitierrez assured.


Shots were fired however, officials have not released whether police or the suspects discharged a gun. Guitierrez praised law enforcement, "Our officers took care of the issue that could've been worse but it never became very severe or serious on campus, and our students and staff safety weren't compromised."


Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda addressed the situation admitting, "It's unfortunate we begin our school year in this fashion." However, this morning event showed how high of a priority safety among their citizens is. "We've learned so much in the recent months and weeks with tragedies that have happened, not only within Texas, but across the nation for that matter, and we took those lessons and put them into practice."


Chief Garcia from BISD alleviated many concerns confirming, "Students are safe, police presence is there and has always been there. We have been practicing lockdown drills, we have been training for the last several months, and several years. They are in class and doing very well, we are safe."

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