It's an election year and polls are flying across the internet almost as fast as pop up ads from certain candidates. I saw an interesting poll from the University of Texas/Texas Tribune this week regarding what Texans 'want' as they head to the polls March 3rd.

The published information from UT/TT focused on 3 main areas:

  1. Property Taxes
  2. Quality of Public Education
  3. Job Performance: Current State of Leadership 

More than half of those questioned said they think property tax rates are too high. Fair enough, we could probably see similar figures in a lot of states. Almost 40% questioned said they thought the current state of public education in Texas was good to great. 31% say it sucks. Regarding Job Performance, Governor Abbott had an approval rating of 48%, Dan Partick's approval rating was 39%, and Dennis Bonnen saw 54% of those questioned have absolutely no opinion whatsoever about his job performance one way or another.

Do You think your property taxes in Victoria are too high? Do you think we spend enough on our public schools in the area? Do you give a rip about the job Dennis Bonnen is doing?

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune also collected data that showed 50% of voters questioned say the state does not spend enough on public education. It seems the poll couldn't make up its mind when it came to rating public education in Texas. 46% of those questioned rated public education as favorable, while 42% rated it as "terrible."

What are some of the issues on your mind as we approach the Texas primaries in March?

The poll from The University of Texas/Texas Tribune was done online according to 1,200 voters took the survey during the first week of February.

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