Representatives in Texas are working on a bill to try and target those who are buying or selling stolen catalytic converters in the Lone Star State.

Not only is the theft of catalytic converts rampant across Texas, but it's also a pretty big issue right here in the Crossroads. Victoria Police posted a very interesting graphic just a couple of days ago showing a huge spike in vehicle burglaries right here in town. Many of these cases involved the theft of the emission control devices which are the subject of House Bill 4110. If the bill passes, offenders are going to be looking at huge fines for buying or selling the converter.

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Victoria Police Report 450% Increase in Vehicle Burglaries from Last Year

attachment-Erin Gabrysch - Victoria Police Department

The map above is certainly reason enough to park your car in the garage at night if at all possible. The hot spot above that shows an area of Victoria where theft of catalytic converters is rampant includes a section of town between Main and Navarro, and Crestwood Drive, and Airline Road. Victoria PD says that they have seen 28 cases of vehicle burglary so far this year with 44 stolen converters in 2021 alone. That is a 450% increase from last year.

Tips to Prevent Vehicle Burglary

Victoria PD recommends parking your vehicle in a well-lit area if you are unable to park the car inside a garage. They also recommend looking into having the catalytic converter welded to the frame of your vehicle which makes it much harder for a thief to steal. Another layer of protection includes engraving your vehicle's VIN number on the converter itself. This can help someone identify if this part belongs to the person buying or selling it or if it actually belongs to someone else.

Why are Catalytic Converters so Valuable?

The cost of everything is on the rise these days and that especially means metal. In 2021 it can cost the average person over $1000 bucks to deal with a stolen catalytic converter. If you drive a super high-end car it's more like $3 or $4K.

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