Wow, science! Using a 3-D printer, a senior from Victoria West High School designed a prosthetic hand for a local second grader.

8 year old Ella Jeson, who attends Schorlemmer Elementary School is now able to use her new hand, and has learned to write with it for the very first time.

Jeson was born prematurely and when she was an infant, an accident resulted in her having her right hand removed by doctors. She had a prosthetic hand that she preferred not to use because it was too heavy, but the new hand is much lighter and easier to use.

The design challenge from Victoria West to the school's engineering classes inspired James Easton to research prosthetic models, and he wanted to produce something that would be able to help someone.

Way to go James, you're a real hero!

See the original story from the Victoria Advocate.



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