Possible changes at the Federal level could put Victoria's public transit and community housing funding at risk by 2023.

Changes have been proposed that could change the minimum population in a given city and affect the Metropolitan Statistical Area that is used to distribute funding for things like public transportation and community housing. While it's important to remember that right now this is just a proposal, the impact of losing this funding in 2023 could do a number on the way the city of Victoria recruits new business.

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What May Change About Metropolitan Statistical Areas?

Christian Delgado with Crossroadstoday.com shared information about the changes this week that center on a proposal that could update the minimum population for funding from 50,000 to 100,000. Right now it's Victoria and Goliad combined that make up the region's Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of over 99,000. Yet, that number is below the possible 100,000 that could be required by 2023. If the proposal to up the minimum population to 100,000 is approved then our area will be looking at the reality of losing this funding.

Waiting and Watching

The funding for programs like public transit and community housing are overseen by multiple Federal agencies. While the rules are being looked at, it is not a guarantee that Victoria will lose this funding. The program and the rules are being evaluated, but it's possible that our city will not lose funding even if the change goes through. If the minimum population for our MSA is increased to 100,000, it is still possible that groups like the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development might issue Victoria the same funding anyway. Its also possible that funding for housing continues, but that funding for public transportation may be reduced or discontinued.

Victoria is Opposed to the Change

The Victoria Economic Development Corporation stands opposed to the changes at the moment. While there is some time yet before final decisions will be made, the government faces a 2023 deadline to finish off a ruling. Until then, Victoria will remain an MSA under the current classification.

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