We will just put this one in the NOPE category. A family in Decatur, Texas was watching a basketball game when they went to the kitchen to get some pizza. When they came back, they saw a snake curled up and rattling on the couch. They were gone for about 10 minutes.  What would you do if you saw this on your couch waiting for you? It would appear that this Rattlesnake IS living the life he imagined.

KHOU Youtube
KHOU Youtube

As reported by wfaa.com, Gamble posted the video of the rattlesnake in a popular private North Texas Facebook group titled "What kind of snake is this? North Texas Educational Group" and it quickly went viral from there.

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Wrote Gamble in his post: "Decatur, TX east of town off 380. We were sitting there 10 min earlier watching the Mavs and went inside to grab some pizza. When I came back out it politely warned me that that was its spot now." What kind of crazy snake experience have you had with a snake? I once walked up to two Copperhead snakes curled up in each other. I have also seen a snake slither into a wheelbase of a truck and make his way toward the engine.  What is the craziest snake experience that you have had?


Remember! Snakes are on the move so be careful when you are outdoors. Snakes are not out and about looking to attack you. So if you are in a snake's home territory, leave it alone and move along. If a snake is on your turf and poses an immediate threat use caution. Otherwise, leave it alone, it wants to avoid confrontation just as much as you do!

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