By now, most everyone has heard of the Southwest Airlines 'meltdown' and frustrations are high, and rightfully so. Videos continue to surface showing chaotic luggage situations, crowds of people just standing in airports with nowhere to go, and passengers voicing their opinions and frustrations with Southwest. TikTok user ppvtaho posted the below video this past weekend from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Let us take a moment to recognize how calm this Southwest employee remained during this incident. This woman had reached her tipping point. I am sure that the Southwest employees were also 'dealt' this hand as well and are trying to figure things out just like everyone else.  BTW, where is security?

@ppvtahoeAustin Texas — Austin Bergstrom Airport at the SouthwestAirlines gate. Bergstrom meltdown tantrum 📸 Ellie♬ original sound - ppvtahoe

As of yesterday, Southwest has canceled around 13,000 flights and has now been put under investigation. Like many other airlines, the huge winter storm did have an effect on cancellations, however, Southwest has not been able to recover.  Many cite these massive cancellations by Southwest to staffing shortages and outdated scheduling systems. The US Department of Transportation is pushing forward with the investigation and posted this on their Twitter account.

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Also happening around the Austin area at the Waffle House...

@800hertzz #CODSquadUp #wafflehouse #thematrix #neo #iknowkungfu #howtho #fyypp ♬ original sound - 800 Hertz

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