Inauguration Day was January 20th, and many historical moments were being set in stone throughout the day. Donald J. Trump left office and made way for a new 4-year term that will be filled by Joe Biden.

The last couple of weeks of the Trump administration was an unpredictability silent one, which was a bit out of character. Tensions were high, and to be quite frank, it was just privately messy.

In an untraditional twist, Donald Trump was seemingly absent for the inauguration of Biden, as was Melania, who typically is to give a tour of the White House to the incoming first lady.

However, Trump did keep on with the tradition of leaving a letter for the new president before exiting the Oval Office on Wednesday.
The contents of the letter have not been disclosed yet. However, Joe Biden confirmed to CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins that Trump wrote him a “generous letter”.

Twitter users have exploded with their creativity, imagining what could be written on the #LetterToBiden. Take a look below.

Clearly, some feelings may have been hurt. Give it a day or two, let the tensions cool down a bit.


He one hugely-and that's that! Oh-Twitter, how you never cease to amaze me.



Okay, maybe the last one wasn't answered. Keep it old school, just answer 'yes' or ' 'no'.


I think he said no...Big Meenie!



Another unsuspecting victim came under the hands of the social media photoshop gods that same day. Bernie Sanders, Vermont's politician who was just minding his business, staying warm in a hair, has been going viral because of his stance and fashion attire- who knew politics had their own fashion police?

The hot topic of his outfit was his dad mittens. They were actually given to him as a gift from a school teacher who made them from recycled sweatshirts- how retro!

Check out Bernie in some pretty unpredictable places!

Nothing like a quick lunch break with the boys. Just break out the metal lunch box and hang out.





This is so perfect, I don’t want to believe kit’s not real….


Bernie had places to go that day, and the inauguration was just one stop.



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