Security while online is getting to be a pretty serious issue these days. We hear about hacks and breaches that result in people's personal and financial information being stolen all the time. According to a published report in the Victoria Advocate, Victoria Independent School District Officials say there was a data breach that involved email.

This breach may have exposed the information of as many as 35,000, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, government-issued ID numbers, financial account and medical information being exposed.

Officials said the district's database was not compromised but, some employees email accounts may have been affected. The email breach is said to potentially affect some current and former district employees, and likely happened in the fall of last year.

Here's a lesson for you, V.I.S.D. Communications Director Shawna Currie said the whole thing began when an employee accessed their email account on an unsecured wireless network, like those found in restaurants, coffee shops, stores and hotels. Once the hacker got the employees credentials, they then sent out emails that recipients thought came from their coworker.  Currie also mentioned email phishing attempts in other instances. She added that there is no evidence that any compromised information has been misused.


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