The hologram of Frank Zappa that’s set to tour starting in April was introduced in a short video, which was published as a reaction to a disagreement over the tour artwork.

The Zappa Family Trust said Ticketmaster’s refusal to make use of a promotional poster – because it featured an animated penguin with human buttocks – amounted to censorship.

The video showed the recreation of Zappa stating his thoughts on the matter.

You can watch the clip below.

“I’m a person who likes to do what he wants to do, whether people like it or not,” the projection said. “And what I do is designed for people who like it, not for people who don’t.”

The Trust updated the promotional artwork with a label covering the buttocks that read in part, “These concerts contain material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress. … The language and concepts contained herein at guaranteed not to cause eternal torment in the place where the guy with the horns and pointed stick conducts his business.” The text was an update of a label that Zappa voluntarily put on his records in the '80s.

"If you’re someone that can’t enjoy the absurdity and humor of bringing Frank’s music and lyrics to life via holograms – such as penguins in bondage, talking hot dogs and supernatural dental floss – this show might not be your cup of tea," his son Ahmet Zappa said. "In response to Ticketmaster, I resubmit the poster artwork with our newly updated Warning/Guarantee hiding the buttocks of the cartoon penguin. I mean, seriously Ticketmaster?”

The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa show is based on previously unreleased footage shot in the early ‘70s, with the hologram backed by Zappa collaborators Mike Keneally, Ray White, Scott Thunes and others. The tour begins on April 19 in Port Chester, N.Y,, with North American dates followed by appearances in the U.K. and Europe.



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