It's fun to ask Alexa to meow or cry like a baby, but it turns out she's capable of a lot more weirdness if you know what to say.

It sure came in handy over the 4th of the July weekend to ask Alexa to "comfort my dog," and play relaxing spa sounds when fireworks noise was at its peak.  I'm not sure if the dogs appreciated it as much as they should have, but that and a stiff Tito's sure soothed me plenty.

Alexa is capable of so much, but I rarely know what to ask her so I decided to look up some odd things to try.

Digital Trends had these ideas:

Alexa, how much do you weigh?
Alexa, are you pretty
Alexa, how was your day?
Alexa, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Alexa, where do you live?
Alexa, what’s your favorite color?
Alexa, are you weird?
Alexa, how tall are you?
Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up? had these:

Alexa, what happens if you step on a Lego?
Alexa, do aliens exist?
Alexa, I've got 99 problems.
Alexa, how was your day?
Alexa, how high can you count?
Alexa, what is the value of pi?
Alexa, is your refrigerator running?
Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?
Alexa, do you have any pets?
Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?
Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?
Alexa, can you give me some money?
Alexa, surely you can't be serious?
Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?
Alexa, do you like pizza?
Alexa, can you sing in autotune?
Alexa, do you love me?
Alexa, give me a kiss.
Alexa, make me a sandwich.
Alexa, can you tell me a Star Wars joke?
Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?
Alexa, can you rap?
Alexa, who is on first?
Alexa, winter is coming.
Alexa, beam me up.

My girls tell Alexa she's fired about once a week, and then they tell she's hired and she's always a good sport about it.

I usually feel like she's been bothered enough already with silly things, so by the time she gets to me I usually politely ask her to turn on the living room, bedroom, and office lights and shut them off when I leave the room.  It was a mild pain to set all of that up, but now I love it so much I never want to have to flip the switch manually again.

And the music is always going too!  Just enable our skill on the Alexa app and Alexa will be alert and ready to play all of this great music whenever you get finished asking her for sandwiches and kisses.  Beam me up.

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