Beer is more popular than ever. There are craft breweries across our great nation, and the beverage is a lot more versatile than ever. Just as wines are paired with certain foods, these days, certain beers have also been elevated to a gourmet status. With that in mind, Thrillist put together a ranking of the Best Beer States in America, looking at local beers from every state. How did we fare here in the Lone Star State? How about a respectable 17th? Not too shabby. Here's what they had to say about beer in Texas:

17. Texas

When Lone Star and Shiner are a state’s two official beers, you’re already at an advantage. But Texas continues to grow from within, always finding new and amazing things to pair with BBQ and honky-tonk. Austin is an obvious hot spot, what with its hipsters and artisan everything, and it’s there that the barrel-aged majesty of Jester King reigns supreme over a wealth of greatness. But nowadays great beer is everywhere, with Lone Pint bringing the IPA thunder, Dallas representing with the likes of Community, and Real Ale Brewing transforming rural Blanco into a destination for sour lovers. And, when in doubt, there will always -- ALWAYS -- be a Shiner or Lone Star nearby, and probably a smoked hunk of meat.

Go Shiner!

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