Before you vehemently disagree with the following and want to shoot the messenger, keep in mind that the following report is from the dating app Hater, which matches people based on what they hate (there's a new one). Based on the kind of complaining you see all the time on Facebook, I can imagine that a lot of people would love to find their partner there so they can sit around and complain together.

At any rate, the app says we here in Texas hate sleeping with the window open. Wait, what? Sure, most of the time it's too warm and humid and we run the A/C year round but, there are a few nights where it's actually comfortable enough to keep it open. So, I would say it's not the sleeping with the window open, it's the humidity. Oh, and the heat, the bugs, the neighbor's dog barking all night, etc.

What do you hate about Texas?

Via Buzzfeed
Via Buzzfeed

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