Blink and You'll Miss It

Cheapside is a small town located 10 miles from Cuero and 19 miles southeast of Gonzales. If you try finding it, you could blink and accidentally miss it. The town once was flourished with a community full of people and business but now sits lonely and empty.

A Town Full of Rumors

There has been a lot of rumors of this old town and what happened to the community. Insane myths like the townspeople mysteriously went missing to the entire neighborhood burned down; there have been some pretty out-there rumors about this tiny overlooked neighborhood. Luckily for us, local Cheapside expert Marge Cacir shared some real history of the town and what really went down.

Origins of Cheapside

Families were initially from England. One of the first men was named Dr. E. R. Henry, who came from Cheapside, Virginia. This man insisted the town be named Cheapside, which was a famous old street from London. The original word 'cheep' meant sale or bargain and was the English word for market.

Hustling and Bustling Community

In its prime, this community boasted many different properties and businesses. There was a one-room hotel, a stable, broom factory, three stores, a cotton gin, and -not one- but TWO saloons.

Before You Head Over With Your Ghost Gear:

So what exactly happened to this town? We headed over to this peculiar little town of Cheapside and although it took a little guesswork and some extra effort to find it, we finally found ourselves smack dab in the middle of an empty tiny neighborhood. But let us be very clear, don't be so dramatic, if you plan on checking out this neighborhood, leave your ghost gear at home and use a little basic knowledge. No trespassing signs are up for a reason, look with your EYES and NOT your HANDS and please be respectful to the property and anyone you might see there. Now that we got that out the way: Check out the photos of the tiny ghost town of Cheapside.

What Really Happened To The Tiny Ghost Town Of Cheapside

When it all comes down to it, sometimes these ghost towns just fall apart on their own. The land and properties are owned by very real people still. However, sometimes, they just choose to let their homes go, and that is definitely their choice, Either way, Cheapside is a peculiar little town and it was very interesting to actually find it and experience it for myself.

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