How many times have you heard a song on 106.9, and wondered what was that song, anyway? You're in the car, but you get out before we announce what it was. Or, you're fighting road noise and just can't quite hear it when we tell you. I hate when that happens. 106.9 The Rock Playlist to the rescue!

Just visit our website anytime,and view up to the last 50 songs played at any given time! Not only that, but you can also get links to buy the song on iTunes and Amazon, and download the ringtone. That's pretty cool! 50 songs is like almost a 5 hour range, too. That means you can wait several hours after you hear the song, and still find out what it is. So, the next time you hear a song and wonder what was that song, anyway? Just check our website, and you'll know.

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