We all know the pain of getting into your car after it's been sitting in the scorching Texas sun. Even if you've used a sun shade, it's still pretty bad. So, how do you cool down the interior the fastest way possible? Do you roll down the windows and crank the AC? Do you just turn it on full blast without opening the windows? Do you just give up and wait inside the house for 20 minutes while the car cools off with the engine running?

Thrillist did a little experiment to determine the quickest way to cool it down. As it turns out, the act of 'fanning' the driver's side door while the passenger side window is open and the AC is on is the quickest way to get it cooler right off the bat,  but once you have cold air blowing and the initial rush of built up heat gone, driving with the air on actually cools down a hot interior faster.

Newer cars with remote start can make a huge difference too, as you can leave the air on high when you get out of the car then, when you exit the store or wherever you are, hit the remote start, and your car will be a whole lot cooler by the time you get into it.

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