Everybody knows that Victoria has some pretty awful streets that need attention. They've suffered the ravages of wear and tear, shifting grounds underneath, weather and other factors but, which one or ones are the worst?

Crestwood. This horrible endurance course of a street has plagued Victoria drivers for years. It's one that is more often avoided, if at all possible. The good news is that city councilors will be looking for approval to get started rebuilding that vehicle suspension killer.

Beginning with approval to hire an engineer to put together a plan to repair what many consider to be the worst of the bunch, at least the stretch between Ben Jordan and Laurent will be voted on tomorrow. The next section between Laurent and Navarro isn't much better but, we have to start somewhere.

The plan includes spending nearly $300,000 on the design process which would take about 6 months. The rebuilding would include adding sidewalks to the street, which would reduce the number of lanes on the road.

In my opinon, Crestwood is the worst street in Victoria but, I haven't driven everywhere so, I ask you.

What's the worst street in Victoria?

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