March comes in like a lion, April is the cruelest month and it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain. Every month has something.

The road map to 2018 is simple: we have to travel 12 months in order to reach our destination. But it's not always smooth sailing.

Every month has its own feel. Maybe you dislike January because it's so cold, but maybe someone else likes it for that very same reason. Perhaps July is up your alley because the possibilities for vacation are endless, while someone else may loathe it because our sweat glands are in overdrive. Maybe you love October because it's your birthday month. Or maybe you hate it because it's your birthday month and you're another year older.

In short, where one person finds something to love in a particular month, someone else may find something so intolerable about that very same month he or she wishes we could just fast forward out of it. Weather, holidays, personal memories you associate with the time -- those are only some of the reasons we may have for loving or hating a specific month.

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