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This weekend's rain was pretty intense. Watching the weather outside of our back door Friday night was like watching a light show at a concert!

Thunder and lighting abound and by the time the rain made its way to us, everyone on the ranch was wide awake, including the inside dogs who were beside themselves with all of the sounds of mother nature outdoors. It didn't take long before the rain we desperately needed quickly became a torrential downpour flooding much of the ranch as it rained through Saturday afternoon.

As the saying goes, 'When it rains, it pours,' and this weekend it surely poured!  In fact, it looks like in some areas of Victoria and Refugio county over 8 inches of rain was reported overnight, over the weekend!

More rain is predicted for tomorrow as well!

We had designated this weekend to begin discing for a major planting project so of course that was delayed. Sigh. It might be weeks before we can reschedule. Our neighbors who went to check on cattle got stuck in their ATV on Sunday!

The ranch is pretty much a muddy mess at this point, but we needed the rain desperately, so we can't complain.

The Falcons in Inez made the best of it too! Here are some photos of their front yard. You can add your photos through the station mobile apps too!


How much rain did you get in your neck of the woods? Be sure to let us know what you recorded in your neighborhood via the station app. We'd love to post the results.

Photo Courtesy of Falcon/TSM
Photo Courtesy of Falcon/TSM

Stay dry friends and be sure to drive carefully. With more rain ahead the roads will continue to pool.

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