What to go enjoy some live music around town this weekend, but don't know where to go? Now, you can find out pretty easily thanks to the Victoria Area Music Association. This non-profit group is all about supporting and promoting live music, nightclubs and other places they play, and businesses that help support them.

Every Monday, the group posts a weekly schedule of live music in the Crossroads. They encourage both venues and artists to add their info. A lot of people say there's nothing to do in Victoria. I say if you love live music, there's a lot to do!

Wednesday, March 7th

Jerry James Band-Greek's 205 7pm

Ben Farias-Moonshine Drinkery 8pm

Thursday, March 8th

Winnie Brave-The Pumphouse 7pm

Lefty-Moonshine Drinkery 8pm

Friday, March 9th

Haven's Edge-Aero Crafters 8pm

Koe Wetzel-5D Steakhouse & Lounge 8pm

La Fiebre-Two Step Nightclub & Lounge 8pm

J. McCabe & Ken Reynolds-Schroeder Hall 8pm

Joel Hernandez-Greek Bros. Oyster Bar & Grill 9pm

Lung w/Joe Reyna-Rosebud Records, Grill & Theater 10pm

DJ Johnny G-Sports 10pm

Saturday, March 10th

Thursday Night Noise-The Pumphouse 7pm

Legal Limit-Schroeder Hall 8pm

Kinda Smooth-Aero Crafters 8:30pm

Hit 'N' Run-Sports 10pm


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