Wow, what a playoff weekend! We had 2 great games both decided in overtime, although the Rams-Saints game was decided on a bad/no penalty call. Either way, it's done, and now we can look forward to a great Superbowl matchup.

Throughout the season, fans have rooted for their teams, some more passionately or, annoyingly, if you prefer. There are some real diehards out there (you know who they are) but, which team has the worst fans?

According to Thrillist, the fans we're concerned with are the most obnoxious, meaning loud, annoying, and the kinds of people you probably would want to invite over to your house to watch the game. Here are the rankings for al 32 NFL teams.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

31. Carolina Panthers

30. Tennessee Titans

29. Tama Bay Buccaneers

28. Arizona Cardinals

27. Houston Texans

26. Detroit Lions

25. Cleveland Browns

24. Buffalo Bills

23. Minnesota Vikings

22. Atlanta Falcons

21. Cincinnati Bengals

20. Los Angeles Rams

19. Los Angeles Chargers

18. Indianapolis Colts

17. Denver Broncos

16. New Orleans Saints

15. Miami Dolphins

14. Kansas City Chiefs

13. Baltimore Ravens

12. Chicago Bears

11. San Francisco 49ers

10. Washington Redskins

9.  Green Bay Packers

8.  New York Giants

7.  Seattle Seahawks

6.  Pittsburgh Steelers

5.  Philadelphia Eagles

4.  New York Jets

3.  Dallas Cowboys

2.  Oakland Raiders

1.  New England Patriots

Just for the record, I don't agree with all of these rankings, I'm only sharing the love. You can read the full report here.



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