Hidden Drug Seizures

Texas borders have seized some crazy things in the past. There are typical drug seizures, but the plot twist is where the illegal contraband is hidden. People have gotten creative when it comes to hiding places these days.

Past Insane Hidden Drugs in Texas

We reported a few months back about the meth stuffed breakfast burritos in Houston airport, and the meth stuffed peanuts that were headed straight to Texas. We can't forget about the man who tried to transport meth to Austin by hiding it inside a bag of chips and tacos, and the big 4 million dollar seizure of meth'd out pickles.

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Recent Smuggling into Texas

Just days ago, on September 28th, on the El Paso Port of Ysleta border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were monitoring their area when a man in his thirties attempted to cross over into Texas. Officials noticed the man's peculiar behavior and instructed him to move along to a second inspection where they would soon find something interesting.

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The man walked over to the inspection area where drug dogs almost immediately sniffed out a smell. The drug-sniffing canine alerted the officer of a narcotic smell on the man, which led to a pat-down where narcotics would soon be discovered. The man was carrying fentanyl and methamphetamine in his groin area.

Just One Day Later

Just a day later at another El Paso border, a woman was asked to move into a secondary inspection area after she was observed having nervous behavior and 'travel anomalies.' The woman was a 48-year-old who, under pressure, admitted to having a narcotic on her. The officials discovered the woman was attempting to smuggle fentanyl into her private parts.0.119 lbs of the deadly drug were seized.

America's Opioid  Epidemic

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Fentanyl is becoming an epidemic across America. When you get it prescribed it's an opioid pain reliever that is 80-100 stronger than morphine. When found on the streets it is a risky mixture of fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and other various fillers on top of that.

The consistency of street-made fentanyl is bumpy but the demand for it only skyrockets. A portion of fentanyl comes from outside our borders, but much is made from within our own nation, hand-made by our own citizens, and given out by our own doctors. The crisis is maintained in our own homeland but border patrol is trying to stop outside carriers from contributing to the spread.

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