The only people you should be prepared to duke it out with during tax season are the number crunchers at the IRS.

Sadly, these two ladies have misplaced that anger.

A woman who works at a Jackson Hewitt inside a Deer Park, Texas, Walmart got into a knockdown, drag-out fight with customer Jessica Albitz.

Apparently, the employee was saying some unpleasant things about Albtiz's husband, which led to some real smack talk. Eventually, Albitz headbutted the worker and the brawl was on before some people stepped in to separate them.

Albitz hasn't exactly calmed down since the donnybrook. She told KPRC, "I hope I broke her nose. I hope she has two black eyes, and I hope she remembers me for the rest of her life."

And we hope we never run into her. Ever. Because Texas women are not afraid to take matters into their own hands.

Check out the entire NSFW video below: