When it comes to your beloved Duff beer, accept no substitutes! That includes that Swedish garbage, Düff, or Red Tick Beer, which could really use more dog.

If you're making your summer road trip plans and you happen to be a Simpsons fan, there are two places in Dallas you need to add to your list.

The Dallas Morning News reports that two neighboring businesses in the Big D - High Fives and The Whippersnapper - will open up as a Simpsons-themed bar and restaurant.

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High Fives will serve Krusty Burgers (which are quite similar to Principal Skinner's patented Steamed Hams) for $8 and a foot-long Sideshow Bob hot dog for $12 (even if the make Ned uncomfortable.)

20th Century Fox/Disney, Frinkiac
20th Century Fox/Disney, Frinkiac

The Whippersnapper will be serving up Duff (ok, it's actually Miller High Life), but will also be getting creative with some Simpsons-themed drinks that actually sound pretty great.

They'll have a Bart Simpson Butterfinger shot, an alcoholic Lil Lisa's Slurry, and boozy Apu's Frozen Squishies.

20th Century Fox/Disney, Frinkiac
20th Century Fox/Disney, Frinkiac

They'll even serve Flaming Moes!

According to the Dallas Morning News, the two businesses are owned by the same group and have made a name for themselves in recent years by flipping into Harry Potter and The Office-themed establishments.

If you grew up watching The Simpsons every day after school like me, chances are you can have entire conversations with your best friends using nothing but Simpsons quotes. If that's you, then you should definitely add these pop-ups to your summer travel itinerary.

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