This weekend Baytown was full of high horsepower cars that were looking to smash records. TX2k21 came and went almost as fast as the cars on the track.

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TX2k21 brought drivers from all over the states, from east coast to west coast, every region of the car scene was represented. The drivers were not the only ones piling in; spectators from all over came and packed down Houston Raceway all week long.

Everyone got to watch eagerly as drivers raced down the track giving it their all, pushing themself and their car to the absolute max. TX2K is what it's all about; drivers work hand and nail building their cars to come to events like this and push themselves.

Personal records were made, and some drivers even smashed world records this year at 2K. Check out this Corvette breaking the C7 Corvette 1/4 mile world record as he ran 7.37 @ 192 mph.

There were some pretty famous drivers and cars who are known for dedicating their time to building the fastest cars that could ever be dreamt of. One of the familiar names racing on the track was Cleetus McFarland, who came in his Corvette that better resembles a go-kart on steroids.

Another fast that was fast and furious as they come is the Red Demon from Boostin Performance. The team was hoping to get into the 6's on the 1/4 mile but didn't quite get there. Either way, when this car lined up on the track, people stood up from their seats, got out their cameras, and watched without blinking an eye.

One of the best runs that could've happened ended before it ever began. Boostin Performance Red Demon lined up with Grannas Racing's MK4 Supra. This Supra is wild; it holds the world record for the fastest stick shift h-pattern car, which broke 6's in the quarter-mile!

These two cars would've been an absolutely WILD run, but unfortunately, to some difficulties, the pass didn't get to happen, and both cars had to be pushed off the track, have no fear; they ran again at a different time!

At the end of TX2K21, drivers and their teams gathered around celebrating a great event. Cars may have broke, but the energy was high, and everyone gave it their absolute best.

TX2K22 will come around next year with faster passes and even more power as drivers fuel their passion and continue to build their dream cars.

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