Hey good-looking, what insect you got cooking?

Yep, it's that time of year again, when the weather warms up in our great State of Texas, and everyone and everything gets to cooking!

Cicadas in Summer

Summertime for Texas means beers, bbq, and bugs. Well not technically a bug, and outside of mosquitos, arguably the most famous insect in Texas, we're talking about the familiar buzzing of cicadas who have made their way from their underground burrows just to bask in Texas summertime sun and to mate.

Well, they are about to be basking everywhere, and guess what? Billions are expected to emerge from the ground throughout North America in the weeks ahead! BILLIONS. And they will be mating and making babies. YUM!

That sound you hear when cicadas are buzzing?

These are males singing for their mates.

It's like a buffet out there!

Here is a quick lesson on all things life cycle of the Cicadas from Seeker on Youtube.

Did you know you could eat these freaky things?

Sure you've got your classic brisket rub recipes and chili cook-offs for hot dogs, but when was the last time you got the praise of your fellow pitmasters for your BBQ Cicadas? That's right you can cook them! Fried, baked or grilled, there is a recipe for cicadas somewhere. Packed with protein, dried Cicadas contain over 50% protein and are low in fat, they are perfect for a family get-together ( especially if it's his side of the family). Yep, cicadas are the perfect summertime treat.

How do you cook them? We thought you'd never ask.

Just to take the guesswork out of how to prepare and cook these little buzzers, we've included a great cookbook on Amazon right here. That's just the kind of friend we are. Just don't invite us to your little buggy bbq. We will be busy washing our hair.

Where are cicadas on this list?

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